* Next Buddy Day: March 27 and March 30, 2021 - bring your buddy to the beginner class only!

* Next testing dates: May 15 and May 20, 2021

All in-person classes now include precautions to protect our students and instructors:

* Do not come to class if you are sick.

* Maintain a 6' social distance, even during class; no high-fives, hugs or other personal contact.

* Always bring your mask! Masks are required to enter the building but are optional during class; however, masks are required to break boards and for other activities as specified by your instructor.

* Advanced class students are expected to disinfect their gear (including weapons) after each class. Please bring disinfecting wipes as part of your regular gear.

Taekwondo Class Info

Faith Community Center

5572 Mercy Way

Lafayette, IN 47905

Heritage Black Belt Academy - EAST
Heritage Black Belt Academy - NORTH

Northend Community Center

2000 Elmwood Ave.

Lafayette, IN 47904

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(765) 490-7986

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